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Franklin Mortgage, Supper Team Expanding to Louisville

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Mike Welsh and Mitch Prensky
Mike Welsh and Mitch Prensky
Photo: Doug Keith/Flickr

Mike Welsh of The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. and Mitch Prensky of Supper are working on a new project in Louisville, KY. The duo, who are also responsible for Lemon Hill in Fairmount, are launching The St. Charles Exchange at 626 W. Main Street in the heart of whiskey country in mid-April. Welsh says that the building is the oldest in the Louisville area.

"We're going for early 1900's hotel style cocktails and food," said Welsh. "We really want to focus on the hospitality angle of those hotels in the Golden Age of service."

It's no mistake that the building they're taking over is part of the legendary Brown-Forman Corporation, who own Jack Daniel's and Woodford Reserve, among other famous potables. "We both had a feeling out period to see if the match was right, and it worked out," said Welsh.

Prensky said the menu is going to be all old American, with a focused vision on the classics of the period. Dishes like crab louie, shrimp cocktail, steak diane, and coq au vin were heavy hitters in that era, and are sure to make an appearance at St. Charles Exchange.

Welsh said that this project is the one he always wanted to do, with a focus on the food as much as the cocktails. "There have been pieces of the experience we've been able to accomplish, but here we get to focus on both equally. It's very exciting," said Welsh.

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