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Ela's Jason Cichonski is Philly's Hottest Chef

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I'm sexy and I know it. I work out.
I'm sexy and I know it. I work out.
Photo: Jason Varney

The polls are closed, the ballots have been counted. Philly has it's first Hottest Chef: Ela's Jason Cichonski. The Zack Morris of haute cuisine narrowly edged out Top Chef Jen Carroll by little more than 100 votes. He will represent Philly in a winner-take-all at the national level next week, where we need to do some serious damage. Wouldn't it be great to have upstart Eater Philly's representation take down the heavy favorites from our much larger bretheren? We know that this contest brought out the hate, and as Philadelphians, no one can hate like us. So, why don't we focus that negative energy where it should truly be directed, just like in sports: At NYC, SF, Boston, DC, and LA.

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