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Sammy Chon's Has Local Critics Going Head-to-Head

Sammy Chon's
Sammy Chon's
Photo: PhillyPhoodie

We often find our local critics at odds with one another's opinions, but this week, both Adam Erace of the City Paper and Brian Freeman of the Philadelphia Weekly find themselves at Sammy Chon's KTown BBQ at the same time, but with very different results.

So says Adam Erace:

"Locomotive plumes of smoke rose from the dish of thin-cut short ribs, intensifying an already-thick fragrance of caramelized soy sauce, garlic and charred meat, a scent Sammy Chon's KTown BBQ emits like pheromones. I'd douse myself in this eau du kalbi if I wasn't afraid I'd chew my wrists off. "

Brian Freedman's take:

"The other side of the flavor spectrum, however, was occupied by the characterless dolsot bibimbap, a bland congregation of vegetables, shredded beef and an egg that, even with a hefty application of gochujang chili paste, tasted like very little. Even the caramelized bits that leaned up against the bowl the longest were relatively devoid of personality.

I guess we can just not go at all, and assume they both are right. No need to gamble in C-Town with so many consistently great options, right?

The best-of-the-best Phyllis Stein-Novack heads to the Greek-y shores of Estia, which we forgot existed even though it takes up a half city block. PSN's review continues the adventures of dining companion Sandy, who last week was introduced to hummus, and this week eats Greek food for the first time. Or wait, maybe not, she had it at Opa last year but forgot. It's worth noting that Phyllis didnt like the shankless lamb shank.

"My braised shank looked like a torpedo-shaped meatloaf. The bone was missing."

Phyllis, don't ever change. We will commission you to write our obituary. Next week, Sandy eats a "hoagie."

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