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Frankford Hall Serving Beer in Brauhaus Schmitz Mugs

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Something about this pic is off.
Something about this pic is off.

This interesting pic ended up in our tipjar late last night, and we had to share. It appears that Stephen Starr's Frankford Hall has procured a few liter mugs from South Street rival Brauhaus Schmitz and are actually serving beer to customers in them. While stealing glassware is nothing new, a Starr joint serving brews in their only competitors iconic mug is definitely noteworthy. We're pretty sure The Emperor won't be happy knowing his beer garden is promoting someone else's joint, while they're selling beers at a higher price point. Starr is a hardcore brand man, and heads are going to roll.

This isn't the only stuff that people love to gank from Brauhaus Schmitz, as their legendary David Hasselhoff poster was lifted from the men's bathroom not once, but twice. You know this is why we can't have nice things.

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Brauhaus Schmitz

718 South Street, , PA 19147 (267) 909-8814 Visit Website

Brauhaus Schmitz

718 South Street, Philadelphia, PA