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A Peek Inside Marc Vetri's Alla Spina, Opening on Feb. 27

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[Photos: Eater Philly]

Italian superchef Marc Vetri and his crew invited Eater to check out the completed Alla Spina yesterday, which is set to open their doors on February 27 at 600 North Broad Streets. As you can see, the interior is unlike anything the Vetri team has done before, with the whole casual bar vibe permeating the space.

The front of Alla Spina is two giant airplane hangar doors, which inspired Vetri to hire grafitti artist Dave "Distort" Sol to tag the interior, keeping with the whole garage concept. There is a hidden chef's table on top of the walk-in behind the bar, which looks down over the entire restaurant. We believe that will be the new hottest table in the city once they open their doors. The chef's table will be reservations only.

GQ just named Alla Spina the hottest restaurant opening of 2012 last night, and we have to agree after sampling some of the goods on the menu. Some of the dishes we think will be big hits are the Pig Pot Pie, Fried Bone Marrow, Mortadella Hot Dog, and the Pig Tails.

Local brewer Victory is making the house beer, named Novello which is going to be done in the style of a blonde lager. The rest of the taps are stacked with beers from across the globe, focusing on drafts from Italy, which are delicious, and damn expensive.

The pig hanging out above the tenders in the center bar is named Alex, because "the leg warmers reminded us of Flashdance, and that was Jennifer Beals' name in the movie." When we asked what the real difference between Alla Spina and the rest of his restaurants was, Vetri jokingly responded, "we have a fry-o-lator in here." So true, and they obviously know how to use it.

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Alla Spina

600 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA