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David Katz of Mémé Leads Philly Invasion of NYC's Beard House with Pigs and Local Chefs

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Last year's pig dinner.
Last year's pig dinner.
Photo: Bridges, Burgers, and Beer

David Katz of Mémé Restaurant is taking his very popular All-Star Pig Dinner on the road to the James Beard House in NYC on June 13. For those looking forward to the annual local installment, fear not, as he promises it's happening in July at 22nd and Spruce Streets. The touring lineup includes usual suspects Mike Solomonov of Zahav, Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette, John "Chainsaw" Taus of The Corner, and Terence Feury of Fork. Katz said there are a couple other "starters in the lineup," but they haven't committed yet to the excursion up north.

Katz is asking good buddy and Bar Boulud wine genius Michael Madrgiale to work the vino, and he might even be flying in some special swine from St-Canut farms, who are famous for their porcelet de lait. No one does pork better than Philly, and Katz is at the forefront of the Snout Movement, so this should be a good time. Also, this will be NYCs first time seeing Solo since Pete Wells fellated Federal Donuts in the New York Times, so expect a lot of chicken questions from the New Yorkers if you're headed up there.

As for final details like price and timing, Katz said they're still ironing it all out. "A lot of this is still up in the air, but the date is set, and the crew is ready. We can't wait to bring some Philly to New York," said Katz.

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James Beard House

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