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Rex 1516 Set to Open March 1; General Lafayette For Sale

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SOUTH STREET — Looks like Rex 1516, the 35-seater from the Jet Wine Bar crew, is opening on March 1st. Chef Regis Jansen, formerly of 1601 in South Philly, is bringing some serious deep south cooking to the new spot. Jansen, an Alabama native and the most tattooed chef we've met (and that's saying something), is cooking as loud as possible with crawfish pot pie and a burger that's got pork belly and brisket in the blend. Needless to say, this could turn out well. [EaterWire]

LAFAYETTE HILLLooks like The General Lafayette Inn is up for sale in Lafayette Hill.. The Insider is reporting that the once legendary brewpub is ceasing all cooking and guest house operations, and moving on to focus on brewing only. The Copper Crow Brewery continues their work at The General. [The Insider]

ALL OVERFoobooz has put together a guide for those of you looking to celebrate National Margarita Day. Expect margaritas, and salt of course. We love the guide, Fooboozers, but we can't be the only people who think those videos need some spit shine. [Foobooz]