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Nugget Nectar Launches Tonight, SliCE Heads to Jersey

FRANKLINTOWN — Troeg's Nugget Nectar lands at The Kite and Key tonight. Last week, we warned you of the impending arrival of the beer nerd seasonal favorite, and it looks like we all made it safely to Feb. 23, so we feel a reward is in order. May we suggest a delicious Nugget Nectar? The crew over there said the beer is already flowing. [EaterWire]

DIRTY JERZMike Klein is reporting that SliCE is opening another outpost of their gourmet pizza goodness, this time in Sewell, NJ. Apparently, it will be their biggest operation yet with room for 70 people, and will feature waitress service, which our local shops don't have. [The Insider]

ALL OVERDrew Lazor is reporting that the Cookie Confidential lady is buying a truck, so she can take down all of those stupid cupcake trucks. OK, so the truck part is true (she's relaunching the defunct Sugar Rush), but we made up the part about going after the cupcake people. But, we want that to happen. Don't you? It would be like the Jets and the Sharks, but with sprinkles. [Meal Ticket]