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DiNic's Adds Meatball Sandwich to RTM Roster

DiNic's debuted a meatball sandwich today.
DiNic's debuted a meatball sandwich today.
Photo: Reading Terminal Market

A tipster sent us to the legendary DiNic's Roast Pork at the Reading Terminal Market today for a new meatball sandwich that debuted as a special. Tommy DiNic told Eater that the sandwich was selling extremely fast, and sure to become a full-time addition to the menu.

"It's labor-intensive, and we do it right," said DiNic. "We don't use frozen meat, or anything pre-packaged at all. I grind up the pork and beef myself and make the meatballs directly from the grinder, fresh as can be."

Ricotta cheese and bread and milk are added to the meatball recipe, too, which cooks for around three to four hours. The sandwich is monstrous and slathered in DiNic's homemade red sauce recipe, which like every other local household, is the best in Philly. They add chunks of sharp provolone to give it that extra bump of fat and salt, almost forcing us into a coma at the counter. While we're sad that they took the scallopine sandwich off the menu, the meatball is a welcome addition, and will compete with the classic roast pork as the best sandwich in the market.

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DiNic's at Reading Terminal Market

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DiNic's Roast Pork

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