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Pliny The Younger Arrives; Tapped at Monk's on March 5th

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At the Russian River Brewpub
At the Russian River Brewpub

Eater Philly chatted up Tom Peters of Monk's Cafe, who said Pliny the Younger has arrived in his cellar today, and that they will be tapping it next Monday, March 5 at 11:30 AM. Peters mentioned that Consecration, Supplication, Blind Pig IPA, and Pliny the Elder will be on draft along with Younger to celebrate another Mad Monday at Monk's.

For more proof that PTY is really in the city limits, a keg pic has shown up in the City Tap House Twitter feed, which means they'll have it on soon (we hear about a week from now). Eater Philly has it on good authority that the following bars got their PTY delivery today:

· South Philly Taproom
· Varga Bar
· P.O.P.E.
· Tria
· Jose Pistolas
· Good Dog
· Sidecar
· Eulogy
· Bishop's Collar
· Memphis Taproom
· Local 44
· Grey Lodge
· Monk's Cafe
· City Tap House

Remember, just because these bars took delivery doesn't mean they're being tapped in the next day or so. Please stay tuned to our Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute Pliny the Younger news, as we will post whatever info we get the moment it becomes available. For you PTY vets, you know just how important minute-by-minute news is to the scavenger hunt. Also, for those of you on the front lines, send us tips!

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Monk's Cafe

264 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA