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Marc Vetri's School Lunch Program Launches Today

Today, Marc Vetri's school lunch program went into effect at the People for People Charter School in North Philly. Vetri, never one to make a big production about his philanthropic efforts, tweeted a pic of some turkeys with the caption: "Day 1 at People for People Chart school. Roast turkey, mush risotto, Sw. chard, fresh pear. $1.82 per child."

The program, run by Vetri and partners Jeff Benjamin and Jeff Michaud, is nicknamed "Eatiquette," and is going way beyond just offering children a healthier option during lunch that traditionally featured rubbery chicken nuggets and the illustrious "chuckwagon." Chefs will be announcing the daily options to students, known as dignified meal delivery. The Wissahickon Charter School has also joined Vetri's program, replacing the traditionally long cafeteria lines with family-style serving platters at each table. As the program spreads throughout the region, Vetri hopes it can become a national initiative.

So, besides running the Vetri Foundation for Children, opening numerous successful restaurants, and solving the energy crisis (OK, we made that last one up, but it's totally feasible at this rate), we wonder what more Vetri could take on in the near future. How about a vacation?

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People for People Charter School

800 North Broad Street, Philadelphia PA