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Give Pizza Chance

pizzabrainguy.jpgLocal pizza psycho enthusiast Brian Dwyer gets national pop for his Fishtown pizza museum in The Huffington Post this week. Dwyer started his pizza memorabilia collection, known as Pizza Brain, in May of 2010, and it has since grown to Guinness Book of World Records-sized proprotions. Currently, Dwyer is looking for more cash donations via Kickstarter, and we suggest you give this guy some of your hard-earned ducats. Why? Well, Brian Dwyer is a true Philadelphian, as he possesses and displays that one intangible inhabitants of this town have in spades: Passion for whatever it is you love so dearly. You go on with your pizza-self, Brian. [HuffPo]

Pizza Brain

2313 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125 215-291-2965