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Rex 1516 Opening Delayed; Artisan Popsicles in West Philly

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SOUTH STREET — Looks like Rex 1516 won't be opening tomorrow as planned, but they still think all systems will be go by the weekend. No information as to why the delay is necessary, but we're going to blame L&I as we always do in these situations. [EaterWire]

WEST PHILLYThe next artisan food we're going to be seeing around Philly is apparently popsicles, and they'll debut at Lil' Pop Shop. Meal Ticket is reporting that owner Jeanne Chang plans on cutting the ribbon in April sometime at 265 S. 44th Street, close to Local 44's upcoming takeout bottle shop. Sounds like an excellent pairing. [Meal Ticket]

GAYBORHOODAmis is launching a weekly whole animal special that chef Brad Spence said he can drop in just three courses. Next weeks dealy-o is all about suckling pigs, and Spence said we can expect rabbits, goats, and chickens in the future. [Grub Philly]