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News from Le Bec-Fin's Staff Meeting Today

Le Bec-Fin
Le Bec-Fin
Photo: First In

A major staff meeting took place today at Le Bec-Fin today, with the new owners and current crew.

There are a few nuggets of info about LBF 2.0 that we just heard: Management has told the current crew that they are officially closed after Saturday, and the entire restaurant will be renovated. Reservations will be taken for the new LBF starting in July, and none will be accepted until then. All vacation time will be paid out to current employees, and every staff member has the opportunity to re-apply for their jobs with the new regime.

They also addressed the chef situation, stating David Breeden is not going to be the new chef, but giving no other indications as to whom it will be. Call us skeptical, but we're sticking with our guess until we hear differently. Chef Breeden would have no reason to be in Philly otherwise, and he made numerous trips here with Nic Fanucci over the last couple months to visit the space and dine out in town. More as this situation develops.

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Le Bec-Fin

1523 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA