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SoWe Opening in Grad Hospital, Should be Called G-Ho

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Divan Kitchen is becoming SoWe, but not if we can help it.
Divan Kitchen is becoming SoWe, but not if we can help it.
Photo: Trip Advisor

SoWe is taking over the former Divan Turkish Kitchen space at 918 S. 22nd Street in April. The concept is bistro cuisine and craft beer, and what they call creative cocktails and artisan wines. Early menu items look comfy, like roast chicken, burgers, and mussels. The space is going to be homey and warm with 50 seats, and be a place for locals to hang out late night.

All of this sounds great to us, but we have a problem with the name. Owners Nancy Law and Troy Barton said, "We want this restaurant to be a centerpiece of the neighborhood. That’s why we named it SoWe." We hate to break it to you guys, but not one person we know calls that area SoWe. Locals refer to that corner of Philly as Graduate Hospital, and we would completely support the restaurant being called G-Ho. We're pretty sure most of Philly would, too.

In fact, we're leaving it to a vote. So, what should this place be called?

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918 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA