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Sneak Peek at Rex 1516; Divan Closing Up Shop

SOUTH STREETRex 1516 is opening up shortly at, yes, 1516 South Street, but tonight you can get a sneak peek of the space and some food. They're hosting a First Friday gathering featuring some vino and three-cheese mac until 9 P.M. this evening. Free food and wine are a good way to get people to come to anything. [EaterWire]

OLD CITYBierstube Tsingtau opened softly a few days ago, but the real deal is tonight. Drew Lazor got some photos of the space and ate some wings, which he enjoyed. He also drank a beer. We suggest you use his gameplan when heading over there. [Meal Ticket]

G-HODivan Turkish Kitchen is shuttering its doors (boo) to become a gastropub (Boo), owned by some out-of-towners (BOO!). The Insider is reporting that February 20th is last day of service. [The Insider]