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A Peek Inside Seafood Shanty, Opening Next Week

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The Seafood Shanty redux is going live on February 7th for the general populace in Reading, PA, but we got a few snapshots of the interior to share with you guys on this lovely Friday. We here at Eater HQ are ridiculously excited for the resurrection of their New England Clam Chowder and Key Lime Pie. Owner Eddie Riegel bought all of the old recipes from the chain, and has added some updated menu items and a raw bar.

The dining room is massive, and seats more than 200 people, including a full central bar area, and raw bar for daily catch. The space is dotted with nautical elements, like glass jellyfish sculptures by Glass Fire Gallery.

Seafood Shanty was close to the hearts of Southeastern PA locals, and the buzz for their return is getting loud. Regel has plans to expand into the Philly area and suburbs after they cut the ribbon in Berks County next week. Yes, this is absolutely a chain restaurant. But, it was a good one, and the nostalgia factor is off the charts. We'll have more from the opening, so stay tuned to see if good memories are worth the hike or not.

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Seafood Shanty

2767 Papermill Rd, Reading PA