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LeBron James Ate at Sabrina's and Nobody Poisoned Him

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LeBron ate here. Jerk.
LeBron ate here. Jerk.
Photo: 10 Best

LeBron James and the Miami Heat dined at Sabrina's Cafe on Callowhill Street yesterday. Eater rang up the restaurant and spoke to the GM, who wouldn't confirm the appearance of Queen James, even when we said we had a picture from their very own Twitter account.

We also wanted to know why the kitchen staff didn't do their civic duty and put a ton of Ex-Lax in his omelette, so James would miss tonight's game against the Sixers due to explosive diarrhea. So, if Bron-Bron drops a double-nickel on our boys this evening, thereby screwing up their confidence and the roll they have going, you know who to blame. This could lead to an entire collapse of the team as we know it, costing us our first title since 1983. And, it could have been stopped.

· Sabrina's Cafe [Twitter]
· Sabrina's Cafe [Official]

1804 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA