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Coffee Temple Odd Fellows Café Opening Sunday at 7 A.M.

1201 Spruce Street
Phone: 484-897-0633; website
Status: Opening Sunday Feb. 5 at 7 A.M.

Odd Fellows Café, the long-awaited coffee temple from the Spruce Street Espresso crew is opening on Sunday morning, after a final L&I review tomorrow. Fear not, the major inspection has been done, they're just tying up minor punch list items.

Counter Culture is the house roaster for Odd Fellows, and the crew promises us that they will also feature some "visiting roasters" every once in awhile to shake things up. Spruce Street Espresso is often considered the best coffee shop in Philly, and with the added space and full kitchen, Odd Fellows looks to make a huge splash in the scene.

"We want to educate people about their coffee, but you need to respect that the customer knows what they want," said Lori Zaspel. "Too may places sneer if you ask for something as simple as room for some milk. Coffee is personal to people, especially how they take it. We will be here to answer questions, not to tell you how to drink your coffee."

Odd Fellows sports a La Marzocco Estrada, which is the Lamborghini of espresso machines, and are planning on offering true siphon coffee in the coming months, which no one in Philly has ever tried. To show just how serious they are, Odd Fellows has imported Amanda Whitt from Seattle to manage their bean program.

Odd Fellows is offering a full menu, which will be cooked up by Chef Jorge Reyes, who has previously worked at Casona in Collingswood, NJ, one of the best brunch spots on the planet. No matter where we've lived, Spruce Street Espresso has been our go-to, and we are sure this will be the new spot to call home. And it won't feel like cheating one bit.

· Odd Fellows Café [Official]

Odd Fellows Cafe

1201 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA