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Renovations (Yikes!) for Dirty Frank's; Cheap Loco Pez

WASH WESTDirty Frank's is closed up for renovations, which kind of sucks. Dan Gross reports that new ownership is making the space nicer, which goes against the whole idea of what made Frank's great. Once, we spilled a bag of M&Ms on a table, and came back three days later to find a green one still sitting there. We ate it. [Daily News]

FISHTOWN — The Loco Pez crew is making it cheap again tonight, as they're dropping $1 tacos yet again, because they love you. Not like it's hard enough as it is to get in the door. These guys are definitely alright. [EaterWire]

Avenue of the ArtsJose Garces is supposedly taking over catering for The Kimmel Center from Wolfgang Puck. Join us in saying "who gives a rat's ass?" as they trade crepes and burgers for tacos and papas fritas. Interesting tidbit, though, as Klein is rumoring that Garces might open a new concept nearby. [The Insider]