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Old-Timey Breakfast Foods; Roundeye Noodle 2.0

ITALIAN MARKETSantucci's has added some Mad Men-esque bites to their ever expanding brunch menu. Adam Erace turned us on to the brûléed grapefruit, which appeared on his plate last weekend, courtesy of chef Bobby Saritsoglu's ingenuity. We're going to pop on down there with Roger Sterling and BYO some Manhattans to go with it. [Meal Ticket]

RITTENHOUSE SQUAREApparently the Roundeye Noodle pop-up did quite well, and Chef Ben Puchowitz is planning another one. Drew Lazor is reporting that the first go around brought some serious interest from investors, and they might even do a take-out pop-up to avoid more craziness. [Meal Ticket]

GAYBORHOODFish kicked off their happy hour recently, and it features $3 craft beers, $5 house white and red wine, and a $6 cocktail of the day. While we love the old Fish on Lombard Street, we haven't ventured to the new spot on 13th Street. Maybe this is a good excuse to finally do so. [EaterWire]