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Industry Vets Opening Debut Restaurant Russet on Valentine's Day

Kristin and Andrew Wood
Kristin and Andrew Wood
Photo: Jennifer Nolan

Kitchen vets Andrew and Kristin Wood are opening their first restaurant, Russet, at 1521 Spruce Street on February 14. Wood, who is best known for his charcuterie and butchering skills at Fork, will be focusing on locally-sourced, whole animal cooking at his bistro. Wife Kristin will be in charge of the sweets.

"We chose the name ‘Russet’ because we felt one of its definitions - ‘simple and rustic’ – really described what we wanted to do – highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients, letting the harvests inspire us,” said Andrew.

Expect a focus on farm-to-table at Russet, but not just for the sake of cashing in on a buzzword. Wood's pedigree is deep, and includes stops at Michelin-starred Quince and Terra in San Francisco, two restaurants that were responsible for the birth of the now over-saturated movement. Local farming superstar Ian Brendle of Green Meadow Farm has dedicated an entire acre specifically for Russet. Serious business.

Andrew Wood is highly regarded for his talents in the kitchen by other local chefs, all of whom think he's the next big thing in the Philly scene, so pay close attention to this opening. Kristin, who spent time at Dean and Deluca as a cheesemonger, is readying a deep list of pastries and desserts that will focus on the savory as well as the sweet. We can't wait.

· Russet [Official]


1521 Spruce Street, philadelphia, PA