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Rick's Tenuous Return to the RTM; Shad is Back

MARKET EASTRick Olivieri is trying to get back into the Reading Terminal Market as his new stand at The Bellevue is tanking in epic fashion. Olivieri and RTM GM Paul Steinke had a very public feud in 2008, when the market didn't want to renew Rick's lease. Olivieri accused Steinke of forcing him out so they would elect more of a 'yes' man at his position as President of the Market Merchant's Association. We don't care either way, just don't mess with DiNic's or Sang Kee. [Daily News]

QUEEN VILLAGEThe 3rd Annual Chili Bowl is taking place on March 3 at The Fleisher Art Gallery. They're accepting entrants right now, so make sure you sign up before February 29. Judges include Kevin Sbraga, Emilio Mignucci of DiBruno's, Lily Cope of COOK, and Meal Ticket editor Drew Lazor, who is currently training for the Hottest Overweight Food Blogger. [Meal Ticket]

CENTER CITY — The Shad, that ugly fish that gave Fishtown its moniker, is making an early appearance at The Sansom Street Oyster House. The little flipper usually doesn't show fins until much later, but they're whipping up a dish with salsa verde for $23. We love shad. [EaterWire]