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Sonic Closes Two Local Outposts, Eater HQ Pissed

The Golden Years of Sonic somewhere else
The Golden Years of Sonic somewhere else
Photo: Sonic Drive-In

Two local Sonic Drive-In's have closed their doors, and the hamburger community flies their flags at half-mast today. After being teased by those silly commercials for what seemed like an eternity, the Philly area was finally blessed with a Sonic of our very own back in 2008. Well, the dream is dead, and the nightmare of a Sonic-less existence returns with ferocity.

We didn't even have time to say goodbye, as they're already closed. No one last order of chili tater tots, and no final chug of Oreo Sonic Blast. Just gone, like they were never here. Sometimes the world of fast food can really leave you empty inside.

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Sonic Drive-In

1525 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA