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F&W Best New Chef John Shields Leaving Town House and Moving to Philly

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Epic superstar modernist chefs John Shields and wife Karen Urie Shields have left the critically acclaimed Town House in Chilhowie, VA, and are moving here. John Shields, who was named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs in 2010 for his work at Town House (after working as Sous at Alinea and Charlie Trotter, of course), is said to be looking at a new location to open in the Mid-Atlantic, which, of course, The Post believes will be in D.C. To that, we say, good luck. We're keeping them.

We at Eater Philly implore you to do whatever must be done so these two stay right here. So, write your congressmen, send them gift baskets, and take them to Zahav, Vetri, and Han Dynasty. Philly has never successfully supported any modernist chefs, and when we asked Craig LaBan why, he said that, "no one has pulled it off correctly." Here's our best shot. While these guys aren't household names to everyone, trust that Shields was the most brilliant mind to come out of Grant Achatz' legendary kitchen.

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