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Selection Sunday: Norman Fell Division Matchups

Norman Fell, a Philadelphian, probably dreamed of Scott Schroeder's grilled cheese often before he passed away.
Norman Fell, a Philadelphian, probably dreamed of Scott Schroeder's grilled cheese often before he passed away.

Now that we've let the first 8 matchups sink in, we're ready to reveal the next group that will go toe-to-toe in the Normal Fell Division. The voting for these 16 sandwich competitors goes live on Wednesday at 11AM, but we suggest you vote every day to make sure your favorites move on to the next round, and not just because we want the click-throughs. Really.

First round matchups in the Norman Fell Division:

1. Paesano's: Arista - The modern-day answer to DiNic's Roast Pork, Paesano's version is made with suckling pig and has long hots along for the ride.
16. Schlesinger's: The Barclay Double Club - Schlesinger's has a menu full of great deli favorites, but the turkey club with turkey bacon is the best.

2. South Philly Taproom: Grilled Three Cheese - This is the best sandwich in Philly that isn't a cheesesteak or a roast porkwich. What else do you need to know?
15. Sketch: Seitan Cheesesteak - Sketch is in the tourney for a juicy burger, but they also do the veggie food right, too. The Seitan Cheesesteak is fantastic.

3. The Smoke Truck: BBQ Pork Sandwich - Mark Coates makes the best BBQ in Philly, and this is his best sandwich.
14. Amis: Jersey Cannonball - Brad Spence's off-the-menu pork roll and pecorino masterpiece is delicious. It also has a sunny side-up egg and pepper hash. Awesome.

4. Pub & Kitchen: Churchill - Pub and Kitchen's signature burger boasts a proprietary LaFreida blend and an $18 price tag. Still, it's delicious. And don't put cheese on it.
13. Bottom of the Sea: The Tilapia Sandwich - Bottom of the Sea in West Philly is a true destination gem hidden among hair salons. Get the beasty tilapia sandwich.

5. Ricci's: Old Fashioned Italian - One of Philly's most underrated shops at 11th and Ellsworth. Their Old Fashioned Italian might be the best in town.
12. The Corner: Seafood Hot Dog - Among the updated comfort food John Taus turns out, the seafood hot dog is the star, slathered in avocado mayo.

6. Sarcone's: Italian Hoagie - Sure they make great rolls, but they also put together a mean sandwich on that bread. The Italian is a classic, and fresh ingredients go well with fresh bread.
11. American Sardine Bar: Sardine Sandwich - ASB is brand new, but their signature bite is already a local legend. It's a salty snack among bigger sandwiches on the menu, and only $2.

7. QT Vietnamese: Banh Mi - For just $5, the best banh mi in Philly is at 10th and Arch. Flavors at QT are huge and the banh mi isn't the only good sandwich on the menu, but it's the star.
10. Brauhaus Schmitz: Bratwurst Sandwich - Jeremy Nolen makes the best bratwurst we've ever eaten, so, put that on a roll with his Food & Wine-famous mustard, and you've got something.

8. Pub & Kitchen: Parliament Burger - Is it evil to have two burgers from the same joint in the same division? Yup, but it's put up or shut up time. This patty might not be proprietary blend beef, but it's damn good. Topped with housemade bacon, Vermont cheddar, and a big fat fresh onion slice on it, this burger rules.
9. Mama's Pizzeria: Cheesesteak - After John's Roast Pork's version, this is our favorite cheesesteak around (located in Bala Cynwyd). They let the cheese and beef live together on the grill, melting together in a big mess, making a sloppy sandwich unlike any other. We dream about this sandwich.

Two more divisions to go, and then it's time for the real fight to go down. Stay tuned.

May the best sandwich win.

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