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Sandwich Supremacy Bracket Challenge

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There can be only one. Download the bracket.
There can be only one. Download the bracket.

The Sandwich Supremacy Tournament has been set. We've listed all of the competitors, and their seeding in the bracket. We've even whipped up a PDF of the complete bracket for you to hang in your cubicle to keep track. Tomorrow at noon we will begin voting for the first 8 matchups in the Sherman Hemsley Division right here on Eater. It's going to get messy. Loyalties will be tested, lines will be drawn. Philly is a sandwich town, and we need to find out which one truly is your favorite.

But, before that, we want to see how well you can predict the future. We've concocted an interactive Excel spreadsheet that has neat-o drop down menus (no writing necessary, you lazy drones) for you to fill out how you think this whole thing is going to play out. Once you're done, export it as a PDF or a JPEG, and mail it back to us at The winner will receive one of each of the Final Four sandwiches on us. No purchase necessary. Also, don't try and send in multiple entries with a new email account you just opened up, our tech dude said he has a way to weed you crazies out.

Good luck, prognosticators.

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