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Bart Blatstein Launching Semi-Trailer Food Truck?

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Is Bart Blatstein working on a mega-food truck? Lotta dream bubbles today.
Is Bart Blatstein working on a mega-food truck? Lotta dream bubbles today.
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Eater HQ has been hearing whispers that uber-developer Bart Blatstein is working on bringing a beasty semi-trailer food truck to The Piazza. Rumor has it that the monstrosity is currently being fabricated and built in Florida, and will be a cheesesteak-driven culinary endeavor to "keep neighborhood people from heading to South Philly for cheesesteaks."

Blatstein owns, well, everything in Northern Liberties, and the proposed location of the truck is one of the lots at the 2nd and Germantown Avenue intersection (our best guess is the one that is situated between Global Beer and The Piazza parking lot). No word yet from the Blatstein people, but this info is coming down the pike from sources way too close to the fire. Leave it to Bart to add another tractor trailer to the mix in Philadelphia. We would forgive everything if he decides to outfit the truck with external self-serve beer taps.

UPDATE: We got word from the man himself up on high, and he denies the rumor. "It's untrue," said Blatstein. This nugget of info came from multiple sources who don't know each other, so we'll hang this one up with a little trepidation. But as of now, official word is "no" on the mega food truck.

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2nd and Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA