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Selection Monday: Seth Green Division Matchups

Seth Green is a Nick's Roast Beef kind of guy.
Seth Green is a Nick's Roast Beef kind of guy.

And, we've arrived at our very last grouping of sandwiches, going head-to-head in the Seth Green Division. The complete picture is now clear, and we feel it's a pretty good sample of Philly's most talked about sandwiches, and the ones we send people to eat when they're visiting.

First round matchups in the Joey Lawrence Division:

1. Nick's Roast Beef: Roast Beef Sandwich - The signature sandwich at Nick's is better than the hype. Wet the roll and dump a glob of horseradish on it for good measure.
16. Campo's: The Stockyard - Chicken, steak, pepperoni, bacon, and yes, mascarpone. It's delicious and monstrous. Don't sleep on this sandwich.

2. Paesano's: Paesano - Another Paesano's superstar, The namesake sandwich is a brisket beauty with horseradish mayo, pepperoncini, and a fried egg.
15. Wawa: Meatball Hoagie - Sure, its not the highest quality, but how many of these kept you alive after a serious night of drinking? A guilty pleasure.

3. Salumeria: Italian Hoagie - A beast of Italian meatiness. Coppa, capicola, mortadella, provolone, and roasted red peppers fill a massive roll. An RTM staple.
14. The Royal Tavern: Grilled Chicken Sandwich - A grilled chicken sandwich? Yes. Covered in prosciutto, bleu cheese, and lavender honey. So delicious.

4. Melino's: Classic Turkey - Our man Questlove turned us onto this place a year ago, and we haven't looked back. Fresh meats, and the nicest guys behind the dirty counter. It's a giant masterpiece of a hoagie, and an easy 4 seed.
13. KoJa Truck: The Bulgogi - The KoJa truck has gotten some real hype recently, and we love the Bulgogi. The Tonkatsu Sandwich got some love, but more people pointed to the Bulgogi as the best on this mobile operation.

5. Rocco's Italian Sausage: Hot Italian Sausage - Tucked away at the Home Depot, Rocco's is the reason to buy stuff to fix your house. No shame eating in the parking lot.
12. Geno's: Cheesesteak - Geno's is an old school operation that draws massive crowds to it's neon kingdom. Not an Eater favorite, but the kids love 'em.

6. Chickie's: Veggie Hoagie - One of Philly's crown jewels in the world of veggie food. Worth the trip, and yes, it's better than all of their meatful options.
11. Supper: Supper Burger - The Supper Burger is another Pat LaFreida meat masterpiece, topped with country ham, cheddar, and caramelized onions. A must have.

7. Paesano's: Bolognese - A hunk of lasagna and a fried egg on a roll. How would this not make the list?
10. Butcher & Singer: B&S Burger - We're not huge fans of Butcher and Singer, but that burger is serious business. Also, it makes us fee fancy to get a hamburger there.

8. Santucci's: Short Rib Sandwich - The pizza is the star, but we dream of the slow cooking flavors of that short rib sandwich. It's decadent and delicious.
9. Khyber Pass Pub: BLT - A deep fried green tomato, lettuce, and Benton's bacon. The simplest idea, and it's so damn delicious.

There you have it. All four divisions. We will be releasing the downloadable bracket for you to play along, and send in your picks for who will win the whole thing. Stay tuned.

May the best sandwich win.

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