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Selection Monday: Joey Lawrence Division Matchups

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We think Joey Lawrence probably gets the Rouge Burger when he's visiting his hometown.
We think Joey Lawrence probably gets the Rouge Burger when he's visiting his hometown.

After a little technical hiccup, we're here to finish off the last two divisions in the Sandwich Supremacy Tournament. Up now, The Joey Lawrence Division. The voting for these 16 sandwich competitors goes live on Thursday at 11AM, but you should probably do your best to eat each of these sandwiches before Thursday hits so you can make an educated assessment of the competitors' worthiness.

First round matchups in the Joey Lawrence Division:

1. John's Roast Pork: Cheesesteak - The roast pork is damn good, but the cheesesteak is the very best in Philly. The best.
16. Hymie's Merion Deli: The Gantzer Knaker - Hidden on Montgomery Avenue, Hymie's is an old school institution. The Corned Beef Special (Gantzer Knaker) rules.

2. Village Whiskey: Village Burger - While not our favorite burger, this is the one everyone falls all over themselves about, so it sits at a number 2 seed. The consensus Philly favorite.
15. Primo's Hoagies: R Special - Arguably Primo's signature, the R Special is stuffed with genoa salami, capocola, and pepper shooters.

3. Dalessandro's: Cheesesteak - Everyone West of Philly swears by this sandwich, and we agree. Dalessandro's cheesesteak is a top 3 in the region.
14. Sammy Chon's: Koagie - Spicy pork, cole slaw, and kimchi on a roll go really well together, and Sammy Chon's makes our favorite version.

4. John's Roast Pork: Roast Pork Sandwich - To get out of the division, John's is going to have to beat itself. The roast pork people and the cheesesteak people are split as to which sandwich is better at this little hut of happiness. You decide.
13. Li'l Dan's Food Truck: The Godfather - The Godfather is a drunk masterpiece. Chicken cutlet, ham, lettuce, and tomato. An up-and-comer in the food truck scene.

5. Chink's Steaks: Cheesesteak - Another old schooler. The insensitively-named cheesesteak shop knows how to sling a great grease bomb. Philly legend.
12. Ba Le: BBQ Pork Banh Mi - The Washington Avenue bakery whips up a solid banh mi, and their BBQ Pork version is really sweet and tangy. Underrated eating.

6. Pat's: Cheesesteak - Tourist favorite. The better of the two at the intersection, and a classic. Great after drinking on the avenue.
11. Village Belle: Meatball Sliders - Sure, they got famous up north, but the Campanaro's are from here, and this recipe belongs to us. Believe the hype, this little sandwich rules.

7. Stogie Joe's: Meatball - Another meatballer. The bar doesn't look like much, but this sandwich is great. They slice the meat balls and put it on a kaiser roll. Great delivery for least sloppiness.
10. Ishkabibbles: Chicken Cheesesteak - This South Street institution has so-so cheesesteaks, but the chicken ones are for real. They say they invented it, but who really knows. They're delicious.

8. Rouge: Rouge Burger - This is a throwback to when Peter Dunmire was in the kitchen, and invented the Rouge masterpiece. It's still there. It's still awesome.
9. Varga Bar: Veggie Burger - Evan Turney is a meat man, but he has a great touch with the veggie set. Topped with truffle aioli and cheddar, it's the lustiest of all the veggie burgers in town.

One more division left, folks. Stay tuned.

May the best sandwich win.

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