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Touring Invite-Only Pop-Up; Real-ish Ramen

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SOMEWHEREWheeler del Torro is bringing his touring Cuban street food pop-up Barrio to Philly on March 31st at an undisclosed location. Foobooz is reporting that prospective diners must send an application to an email address to request an invite. Wow. If you don't pass muster for the exclusive list, please visit any of the 9,000 bodegas and taquerias along Washington Avenue that appear to have the same menu as this guy. [Foobooz]

WASH WESTTalula's Garden is launching brunch this weekend, beginning this Sunday from 10 A.M. until 2 P.M. Chef Sean McPaul is whipping up lots of traditional brunch fare, but with Aimee Olexy-ish twists. So, your omelet is stuffed with Kennett mushrooms and country ham, and your doughnuts are topped with coffee-scented chantilly cream. There are also some more serious dishes, like scallops and farro, and a Butcher Shop Brunch option with smoky kielbasa, scrapple, and eggs. [EaterWire]

CENTER CITYNom Nom Ramen is soft-opening on March 20 at 20 S. 18th Street, formerly the home of b.b. go. The Insider is reporting that owner Alan Su spent a lot of time making ramen at the popular Santouka Ramen mini-chain, and is bringing that technique to the bowls at Nom Nom. We can only hope this place is better than the God-awful Ramen Boy. [The Insider]