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La Colombe Launching Pure Black 12oz. Bottles

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Pure Black, La Colombe's cold-brewed iced coffee perfection, is being released in more manageable 12-ounce bottles next week. In an interview with Eater Philly, La Colombe owner Todd Carmichael said they've been perfecting the bottling process over the last few months, and they're just about ready for prime time.

"Being a fan of coffee shouldn't mean you're going broke. So, we're offering a 12-ounce version that will set you back about $2.85," said Carmichael. "It's launching quietly in Philly, Chicago, and NYC early next week. I can't wait."

The critically-acclaimed Pure Black was previously only available in 16-ounce swingtop bottles, and were a tad unwieldy. Carmichael said that even though they were recyclable, they took up a lot of space. An added bonus for the 12-ounce release, La Colombe has customized a few 1950's Cavalier soda dispensers and filling them with Pure Black for distribution at their cafes.

"I hate those open fridges, so I thought this would be a nice touch," said Carmichael. "Instead of having the barista grabbing a Pure Black from a fridge in the back, you can get it right there. And, it looks cool."

There are only three Cavalier fridges at launch, two in Philly, and one in Chicago. NYC is next on the list, but Carmichael said space limitations could be a concern. Either way, we're all on notice. Iced coffee season has officially begun.

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