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Walter Abrams Tapped as Executive Chef of Le Bec-Fin

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Walter Abrams has been named the new Executive Chef of Le Bec-Fin. New owner Nic Fanucci took the reins of the famous restaurant two weeks ago, as previous chef/owner Georges Perrier said goodbye to 41 years at a lavish last meal at LBF with friends, well-wishers, and past employees.

Abrams comes to LBF with a serious resume, spending 6 years at The French Laundry (where Fanucci was GM) and then the last year at San Francisco's critically-acclaimed Spruce. Le Bec-Fin is slated to re-open in May with what Fanucci is calling "over the top French food and service."

David Breeden, sous chef at Thomas Keller's Per Se, was our pick to take the kitchen spot, as he had been seen in town with Fanucci on several occasions, and out dining together with family. We have it on good authority that he was the intended choice, but a little matter of money kept Breeden under the Keller umbrella.

We're excited for the next phase of LBF, but cautiously optimistic. They originally intended to re-open around July, and rushing for May could also signal a need to recoup money sooner than later. Also, while Perrier doesn't own LBF anymore, he is still the landlord, and we're sure he will be in the kitchen and restaurant often. How that plays out will be quite interesting. Either way, it'll be a damn good show.

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Le Bec-Fin

1523 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA