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Win a Copy of Marc Vetri's Rustic Italian Cooking and La Colombe Pure Black

Becasue we love you, we're giving away these things.
Becasue we love you, we're giving away these things.

It's that time again where we give stuff away to you, our dear readers. If you haven't joined us on Twitter yet (@EaterPhilly), you'll want to do that now, as we just got ourselves some very shippable La Colombe Pure Black Cold-Brewed Coffee at Eater HQ. We will be sending out DMs to the lucky few, and shortly thereafter you might find a precious bottle waiting for you on your doorstep next week.

We also have a shiny copy of Marc Vetri's amazing Rustic Italian Cooking that we will be sending out to one of our newsletter subscribers next week. So, sign up below if you haven't already, and you'll be in the running. For those of you who are already subscribers, fear not, our random drawing program digs into the entire list, not just the newbies. Good luck to everyone.

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