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Rita's Water Ice Debuts First-Ever National TV Spot

Philly-based Rita's Water Ice is debuting their first-ever national TV commercial tomorrow to celebrate the first day of Spring, and the official company-wide seasonal opening date for all of their locations. Rita's, which started here in 1984, now has more then 550 stores in 18 states.

The ad features a bunch of people dressed up in mascot outfits trying to score a spot in a Rita's ad (how meta), just as we get a glimpse of the real Rita (well, the actress version anyway) who ends up being a poor man's Wendy Thomas.

As usual, all Rita's locations are giving away a free Water Ice to everyone tomorrow to celebrate the first day of Spring. We're going with the Swedish Fish.

If that spot doesn't float your boat, check out this iphone footage of some kid being chased down by Mr. Ice, the suited mascot that bring awareness of water ice.

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