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BeerScene's Mat Falco is Shaving For Charity

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There's a family of weevils living in Mat's beard.
There's a family of weevils living in Mat's beard.

This Sunday, Mat Falco of Philly BeerScene is shaving off his scraggly-ass beard for charity in the name of childhood cancer. For those who don't know Mat, he's one of the good guys in the local suds game, having started his own publication that he still DIY's out of his minivan each month. As you can see from the picture above, his hair game is strong, and is probably more famous than he is. That's about to end this weekend, and he will no longer look like Bob Ross. Well, homeless Bob Ross.

The event takes place from noon until 4 PM this Sunday, March 4th at the Jamison Pour House, and benefits the St. Baldrick's foundation. As for his ridiculous mop, that's already been accounted for, and will be shaved off during Philly Beer Week in another fundraiser event on June 3rd. The man is all about shaving for charity. He's going to be smooth as a seal by the time 2012 is over.

Please donate to this very worthy cause, and help Mat Falco look a little less unwashed.

· Mat Falco is Shaving For Charity [Official]

Jamison Pour House

2160 York Road, Jamison, PA 18929