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Top Chef Angelo Sosa In Philly for "Big Meeting" With Chef Matt Levin

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This morning, Angelo Sosa, the slender, sexy man we all loved on Top Chef tweeted that he was headed to Philly for a "big meeting." We knew that at one time, he was in talks with Barry Gutin and Larry Cohen of GuestCounts Hospitality (Cuba Libre, Square Peg), about doing something at the Revel Casino, but nothing ever materialized.

Then, Chef Matt Levin, of said Square Peg, followed up with this little nugget of Twitter gold, expressing his excitement for an upcoming meeting with said sexy chef:
to which, Sosa responded in kind, as only he can, with a smiley emoticon:
So, is the Revel Casino project back on? Is Sosa somehow involved with Square Peg? Are Levin and Sosa starting a tag team professional wrestling duo called Thunder & Lightning? More news as it develops.

· Angelo Sosa [Twitter]
· Matt Levin [Twitter]