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Gone, But Not Forgotten

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Daniel Stern in front of Gayle in 2008
Daniel Stern in front of Gayle in 2008
Photo: Stuart Goldenberg

To celebrate Friday, we thought it might be fun to do a little restaurant reminiscing today and get our readers involved. Eater HQ spent last night remembering epic meals and specific dishes from shuttered spots, like the flower pot bread service at Django, the endive parfait at Daniel Stern's Gayle, the steak tartare with fried capers at Pif, and Vernon Morales' Meyer lemon duck tongues at Salt. All gone. All legendary.

Beyond the spots we missed with our own tastebuds, we also discussed those restaurants known to us only through vivid memories passed on by others, muttered with breathless reverence. The casual upscale trailblazer Frog by Steve Poses, scarfing down clam chowder in tuxes at Bookbinder's, and hanging with servers in jeans and blackboard menus at In Season, where shad roe pâté was a thing.

So, whether you're an oldhead food-obsessive, industry history junkie, or just getting into the scene, we want to hear from you in the comments section. What Philly restaurants and dishes do you dearly miss every time you're deciding where to go? And what places would you want to visit if Doc Brown ever got the Flux Capacitor running in the DeLorean? This includes you suburban folks, too. Sound off below and share your most droolworthy memories.