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Cheddar Pringles Used in Fit of Jealous Rage

Weapon of choice.
Weapon of choice.
Photo: Jesse the Reader

Reader Jesse sent a message to our inbox along with the pic above of a half-eaten tube of Cheddar Pringles regarding a tussle that involved the ubiquitous snack food.

"On the way home from work, I saw this tube of Pringles laying on Arch Street near that big church by the Convention Center with a whole lot of them crunched up and a dent on one side. There was someones fake hair right there, too. I asked a guy at the bus stop what happened, and he said some woman was telling another one to stop calling her man, and they started going at it, and then the Pringles got involved. I just missed something probably pretty cool."

Eater must point out we've never seen any human not finish their Pringles, let alone dump them on the street and dance all over them, so we're buying the story. While we don't condone violence of any nature, we are very much against using perfectly good snack chips to intimidate someone that's contacting your significant other.

If anyone happens to have footage from this confrontation, please get at us. We can only assume it'll be on YouTube shortly, anyway.

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