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David Lynch Totally Having Espresso at London Grill

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We just got word that David Lynch—Eater HQ's favorite freakout-film director of all time—is hanging out at London Grill right now and having an espresso. Owner Terry Birch McNally (pictured), who counts herself one of Lynch's biggest fans ever (we vouch for that, she's pretty much already a character he would have written), is doing her best to not act star struck, and even told the director she vomited while watching Blue Velvet. Is it any wonder we love Terry?

Meal Ticket is reporting that Lynch is in town because he is considering returning to Philly to shoot another freaky flick. For those who don't know, Lynch shot the epic Eraserhead here, and the impact was so great that we named the area of North Philly between NoLibs and Chinatown the Eraserhood.

We're going to break out our Twin Peaks DVDs and put them on for background noise now. McNally said she is headed home to "smoke pot and watch Eraserhead. I'm out."

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The London Grill

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