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Late-Night Empanada Alley Coming to Old City

The bodega will be located behind Cuba Libre
The bodega will be located behind Cuba Libre
Photo: Cuba Libre

We just got word that Empanada Alley, a late-night bodega attached to Cuba Libre, is opening on Strawberry Street in early April. In what appears to be a test-run, Empanada Alley will only be open on Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 3 A.M. in a converted kitchen space located behind the restaurant. First day of service is April 6th at midnight.

Chef Guillermo Pernot will offer many varieties of his famous empanadas, including the camarones, picadillo, and the pulled pork puerco. Don't worry, there are veggie options, too. They plan on serving a clutch of non-alcoholic drinks, as well, since they'll be open past the legal allowable hour of liquor service in PA.

Say what you will about the vibe at Cuba Libre, but the empanadas are top-notch. We're really behind this idea, as late night drunky portable eats are seriously lacking in Philly. There's only so many times we can tell the lady at Wawa we need extra bacon on that Shorti.

· Cuba Libre [Official]

Empanada Alley

10 Strawberry Street, philadelphia, PA