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Shake Shack Philly Unveils Wall of Green

A green scene at Shake Shack
A green scene at Shake Shack
Photo: Eater Philly

Today, the construction zone at 20th and Sansom where Danny Meyer's Shake Shack is moving in is launching a park of sorts. Where plywood and metal usually cause scenes of blight before the arrival of a new store or restaurant, the Union Square Hospitality Group has erected a living "wall of green" filled with planters containing lush foliage until the construction ends later this summer.

The green project was designed by Philly-based Shift_Design and contains hanging ivy, trailing vines, and evergreen shrubs. After the Shake Shack is open, the plants will be donated to Rittenhouse Square Flower Market for Children's Charities.

Wow, the best burgers and now flowers for children's charities. We would love to adopt Danny Meyer as our own. Maybe New York would be willing to trade him for 5 or 6 of you angry jerks.

· Shake Shack [Official]

Shake Shack

20th and Sansom, Streets, Philadelphia, PA