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Tweed Gets a Tenant; Brick Open in G-Ho

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WASH WESTLooks like Tweed is getting a new tenant in Brian Harrington, one of the members of the group that owns City Tap House. While The Insider says he is in cahoots with Top Chef's Jen Carroll and Jersey Shore cook Luke Palladino, we can eliminate the former as a possibility, since she's got other things going at the moment. [The Insider]

G-HO Brick has opened to the public, and contrary to popular opinion, is not a Mike Stollenwerk (Fish) joint. While he was involved early on, he has taken a much more backseat role in the project, providing consultant-type help. Actually, Jolly Weldon of Jolly's Piano Bar is the one running the show, and Dayna Russo is the chef. Expect some fishy, dishes though, since Stolly is involved in the menu development. [City Paper]

SOUTHWESTChristine's Cabaret has shuttered near the Auto Mall on Passyunk in the Southwest. The Insider is saying they closed last week, but we haven't heard of anyone going there since two guys got beaten to death in '09 by a couple of employees. Good times. Fear not, nudie fans, as The Purple Orchid is still right down the street. [The Insider]