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Shola Olunloyo Bringing Food Tech to Science Festival

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Photo: Collin Flatt

Chef Shola Olunloyo of Studiokitchen is teaming up with the Monell Center to do some high-end techy presentations involving flavor extractions during The Philadelphia Science Festival. Olunloyo, who is best known for using the latest space-age technologies in his cooking process, will be instantly aging whiskey and baking bread without yeast as well as other interactive demos during the April 24th event at The World Cafe.

Olunloyo is currently working on an eBook for chefs who want to start using more modernist techniques and equipment in their kitchens, and this is a good chance to get a voyeuristic look at the techy toys he uses daily in the Batcave. Expect to see machinery like a rotary evaporator, ultrasonic homogenizer, and a centrifuge.

"The scientists at the Monell Center spend their entire careers studying and explaining concepts like why a hot dog tastes so good in more detail than just savory and salty," Olunloyo told Eater. "It's really cool to break down the concept of flavors into molecules, so any scientific fans of food should check this out. Philly has a learning center in the Monell that no one else has."

Tickets are on sale now online for $25, and include a panel discussion and some various foodstuffs at the event itself.

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