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Zea May's Native American Food Truck Coming Soon

Zea May's before construction
Zea May's before construction
Photo: Zea May's Kitchen

Sue Wasserkrug is getting out of the lawyer game and joining the food truck fray with her ode to Native American foods in Zea May's Kitchen. If the story sounds familiar, you don't have to look too much further than the Cupcake Lady (Kate Carrara of Buttercream Philly), who also turned in the briefcase for the spatula. The name Zea May is a play on the Native American name for corn, which is maize.

Some of the early menu ideas Wasserkrug is tossing around includes bison hot dogs, ancient grains granola, sweet potato empanadas, cranberry wild rice muffins, and Aztec chocolate bark. Wasserkrug's plan is to post the truck up at various farmer's markets around the area, as her concept is in lock-step with fresh ingredient-chasers and farm-to-kitchen home cooks. Whether or not she joins the truck clusters at Drexel, Penn, or Temple has yet to be decided.

Wasserkrug promises to offer a menu packed with healthy options, so it will be a nice option for those people who actually care about stuff like heart attacks and love handles. A launch date has not been set for Zea May's, but as soon as we know more, so will you.

· Zea May's Kitchen [Facebook]