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Bowling Alley/Gym in East Falls; Food Truck Depot

PENNSPORTKristen Muldoon is setting up a Food Truck community depot at 2400 Weccacoe Avenue behind the IKEA, that will feature a commissary and place to keep the trucks when they're not in use. Muldoon said that the 2.5 acre lot will also feature a picnic area for locals to sit and eat from the trucks when they're not out in the city at their stationary locations. For any food truckers interested, please contact Muldoon at 215-351-9366. [EaterWire]

EAST FALLSWhat do you get when you cross a gym with a BYO bowling alley? Apparently, a new concept from the owners of Sweat Fitness. Meal Ticket is reporting that Sweat Fitness and Frames is coming to 3300 Henry Avenue, and offering shuttle service to the nearby colleges, St. Joe's and Philly U. In the world of crazy-ass ideas, this takes the sweaty cake. [Meal Ticket]

SOMEWHEREThat Barrio guy who is doing an obnoxious pop-up is coming soon, and Green Philly Blog is giving away tickets. If you've forgotten why we're down on this dude, it's the pop-up that you have to apply to for the right to give him money for tickets. We support any way around such a ridiculous policy. [GPB]