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Vote Tomorrow for Sweet 16 of Sandwich Supremacy

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Voting starts tomorrow in the Sweet 16
Voting starts tomorrow in the Sweet 16

We've arrived at the Sweet 16 in the Sandwich Supremacy, and the last few gladiators are a good mix of heavyweight favorites and upset specialists who learned how to work social media. Either way, you've voted for your favorite Philly bites, and a winner will soon be crowned.

Tomorrow, voting begins for every matchup in the Sweet 16, and on Thursday, the Elite 8 will be pared down to the Final 4, which will go head-to-head on Tuesday next week. The only top-seeded sandwiches left are the Paesano's Arista and Nick's Roast Beef, and the highest seed coming out of the upset-heavy Joey Lawrence Division is the #9 Varga Bar Veggie Burger. This should be an interesting finish to a drama-heavy tournament.

The Sherman Hemsley Division:

3. Tony Lukes: Roast Pork Sandwich - Tony Luke's is all about the cheesesteak, but his roast pork is the better sandwich, and one of the best in Philly.
10. Cafe Nhu Y: Banh Mi - The second-most nominated banh mi in town, closely following QT Vietnamese. We prefer Nhu Y, as the pate is much spicier than at QT.

5. Good Dog Bar: Good Dog Burger - Stuffed with melty bleu cheese, this is still one of our favorite burgers in Philly, no matter all the hype around other newcomers.
9. Royal Tavern: The Angus Burger - One of Philly's hottest word-of-mouth burgers, the Angus is covered in Gouda, a long hot, bacon, and caramelized onions.

The Norman Fell Division:

1. Paesano's: Arista - The modern-day answer to DiNic's Roast Pork, Paesano's version is made with suckling pig and has long hots along for the ride.
4. Pub & Kitchen: Churchill - Pub and Kitchen's signature burger boasts a proprietary LaFreida blend and an $18 price tag. Still, it's delicious. And don't put cheese on it.

6. Sarcone's: Italian Hoagie - Sure they make great rolls, but they also put together a mean sandwich on that bread. The Italian is a classic, and fresh ingredients go well with fresh bread.
10. Brauhaus Schmitz: Bratwurst Sandwich - Jeremy Nolen makes the best bratwurst we've ever eaten, so, put that on a roll with his Food & Wine-famous mustard, and you've got something.

The Joey Lawrence Division:

9. Varga Bar: Veggie Burger - Evan Turney is a meat man, but he has a great touch with the veggie set. Topped with truffle aioli and cheddar, it's the lustiest of all the veggie burgers in town.
12. Ba Le: BBQ Pork Banh Mi - The Washington Avenue bakery whips up a solid banh mi, and their BBQ Pork version is really sweet and tangy. Underrated eating.

14. Sammy Chon's: Koagie - Spicy pork, cole slaw, and kimchi on a roll go really well together, and Sammy Chon's makes our favorite version.
10. Ishkabibbles: Chicken Cheesesteak - This South Street institution has so-so cheesesteaks, but the chicken ones are for real. They say they invented it, but who really knows. They're delicious.

The Seth Green Division:

1. Nick's Roast Beef: Roast Beef Sandwich - The signature sandwich at Nick's is better than the hype. Wet the roll and dump a glob of horseradish on it for good measure.
5. Rocco's Italian Sausage: Hot Italian Sausage - Tucked away at the Home Depot, Rocco's is the reason to buy stuff to fix your house. No shame eating in the parking lot.

2. Paesano's: Paesano - Another Paesano's superstar, The namesake sandwich is a brisket beauty with horseradish mayo, pepperoncini, and a fried egg.
3. Salumeria: Italian Hoagie - A beast of Italian meatiness. Coppa, capicola, mortadella, provolone, and roasted red peppers fill a massive roll. An RTM staple.

Tomorrow's vote will last 24 hours, and then we will do the Elite 8 on Thursday, and the results of the Final 4 will be announced on Friday. Next week, we will have the Final 4 vote on Tuesday, and then the finals will take place on Wednesday, with a winner crowned on Thursday at 5PM.

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