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Fire at Han Dynasty Causes Evacuation

The Old City outpost of Han Dynasty suffered a small fire last night during dinner service that required people to evacuate the building, but, thankfully no one was hurt. Owner Han Chiang said he came into his restaurant to find the dining room filling with smoke. When he headed down to the basement, there was smoke pouring out of a wall.

"The most damage was done by the fire department, who ended up putting three holes in my basement ceiling," Chiang told Eater. "They said a lit cigarette caused the fire. I'm glad no one was hurt."

Chiang said that they will be open today business as usual, but that the basement would be undergoing repairs from the fire and water damage.

"When we started evacuating the building, people took their plates outside with them," said Chiang. "I'm glad to know that people loved the food so much it was worth saving from the fire."

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Han Dynasty

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