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Narragansett Launches Cream Ale Cans in Philly

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Narragansett Cream Ale launches tomorrow at BAR.
Narragansett Cream Ale launches tomorrow at BAR.

Tomorrow night, recession-friendly Narragansett Brewing Company is launching their Cream Ale cans—their first year-round craft offering—at the un-Google-able BAR on Sansom Street from 7 until 10 PM. A left turn from their traditionally crispy American light lager style, the Cream Ale is a much hoppier and heavier bodied brew that fits in line with what mainstream beer nerds are drinking these days.

Last summer, Narragansett held a public vote to decide what style would be added to their year-round offerings (they have seasonals, as well), and the Cream Ale edged out a Rye Ale, and ended up on the production line. Narragansett had a Cream Ale many years back, but it was nothing like the 2012 version. Early reports at BeerAdvocate are giving the new beer a decent score.

BAR is doing a bunch of specials featuring the beer, including a Cream and Beam special that pairs up the Narragansett can with—you guessed it—Jim Beam. It's a take on the classic Philly special of a PBR pounder and shot of Beam. Narragansett has also teamed up with local comedy troupe The Secret Pants to put together a video promotion for the new product with the always-grating character Fastball Pitcher Bob Gutierrez.

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1309 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA