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Divan Kitchen Replacing Shouk, Brings Out Haters

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Divan Turkish Kitchen Coming Soon
Divan Turkish Kitchen Coming Soon
Photo: Anonymous Tipster

The sign above showed up at 622 S. 6th Street in Queen Village yesterday, announcing the return of Divan Turkish Kitchen to the Philly landscape. The space once housed the Shouk hookah lounge, but has been vacant for quite some time. Divan is now in close proximity to Bistrot La Minette, Beau Monde, and Little Fish, and should see some overflow diners which should help their business quite a bit. They suffered in the G-Ho location, as the neighborhood wasn't much of a destination for the food obsessed Philly folk that didn't live close by.

Their only mistake in the move, though, was posting their "Coming Soon" sign on the outside of the window, which only encourages people to add their own flavor to the announcement. Here, we see some hatespeak that reads "Visit our rodent café out back," and "We proudly dump our garbage in the back of the restaurant!" The best part of the scribbling is the proper use of the accent in the word "café." Of course there's a very good chance that the clever individual who did the dirty deed sent this in.

No word yet on an opening date for Divan Turkish Kitchen 2.0 or the Rodent Café out back.

· Divan Turkish Kitchen [Official]

Divan Turkish Kitchen

622 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA